Behind the Barn IPA

West Coast IPA






We all know the best and most fun things happen out Behind the Barn! We decided to brew an IPA that honors that good country fun! This West Coast IPA pays homage to old school hops by using Cascade, Chinook and Columbus, but keeps the bitterness manageable at just 41 IBU. The body is smooth and easy drinking, but the ABV can sneek up on you and catch you by surprise. So cheers to a good fun and a great beer! You bring the glasses and I'll bring the growler and let's meet Behind the Barn!

Food Pairing:

Grilled meats (especially BBQ pork or beef) Sharp cheddar cheese Spicy foods (like buffalo wings or jalapeño poppers) Classic burger and fries

Beer Novice? Meet

Behind the Barn IPA


A rich, amber hue with a clear, inviting appearance.


Expect a harmonious blend of citrus and pine notes, complemented by a smooth, slightly sweet malt base. It's refreshing with a moderately hoppy finish.

Alcohol Content:

At 8.1% ABV, it's stronger than your average beer, offering a warming sensation that can be surprisingly potent. Enjoy responsibly as its strength can be deceiving.


With 42 IBU, it presents a balanced bitterness - noticeable but not overpowering, making it a friendly choice even for those new to IPAs.


Hops, Malt, Water, Yeast Strain