SNAFU American Strong Ale

American Strong Ale






In honor of our veterans, we have ordered a special “Veterans blend” of hops from Yakima Chief. The blend leads with Citra® and HBC 638, allowing Talus® and Sabro® to play backup for an American Strong Ale in honor of our Veteran community. A strong, full-flavored American ale that challenges and rewards the palate with full malty and hoppy flavors and substantial bitterness. The flavors are bold but complementary and are stronger and richer than average-strength pale and amber American ales. This batch came with a few extra challenges but… SNAFU! Thank you to all who serve and have served!

Food Pairing:

This robust ale pairs well with hearty dishes such as grilled meats, barbecue, strong cheeses, and rich desserts like chocolate cake or caramel cheesecake.

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SNAFU American Strong Ale


Deep amber to light brown


A bold blend of malty sweetness and hoppy bitterness, with notes of citrus and tropical fruits from the hop blend, leading to a complex and richly rewarding taste profile.

Alcohol Content:


Substantial bitterness, complementing the strong flavors.


Special "Veterans blend" of hops including Citra®, HBC 638, Talus®, and Sabro®, malted barley, yeast, water.