Our Story
The Hearts and hops behind Four J's Farm & brewery

Welcome to 4J's Farm Brewery, where the love of land, family, and good beer come together. Our story is one of dreams, determination, and a deep respect for the   we call home.

The owners of 4j's Farm & Brewery stands with their two children in front of a black door with a ‘welcome’ sign and two potted plants on either side. The doors are black with windows. The potted plants are in wooden barrels and have orange and yellow flowers.

The 4J’s Jonathan, Jessica, Jameson & Julianne

One of the owners stands next to a sign for Four J’s Farm and Brewery. The sign is a large wooden board with a white background and black text that reads ‘Four J’s Farm & Brewery’. It is supported by two wooden poles. The man wears a blue shirt and a baseball cap. A flag hangs from the sign that reads "Open", and two small American flags are on the ground. The background features trees and a road
Our Story

In the heart of Fauquier County, Virginia, nestled amidst the rolling hills and equestrian trails, lies our 48-acre haven - a testament to our love for the land and our passion for brewing. Our journey began in February 2020 when Jonathan Waldron, a construction safety manager with a degree in natural resource management,  and Jessica Waldron purchased this beautiful property on Keith Road. Their vision? To create a small, intimate, and family-friendly farm & brewery that would honor the area's rural character and agricultural heritage.

We are determined to show that our brewery could coexist harmoniously with its surroundings. We worked tirelessly to ensure that our plans respected the character of the area. Our proposed site, a modest 40 by 60 foot building, is nestled within one to two acres of our property, zoned as an agricultural and conservation district. We planted Leland Cypresses to act as natural sound barriers, and we are committed to not playing any amplified music.

Our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship is unwavering. As a water treatment specialist, Jonathan knows the importance of conserving water and preventing contamination. We pledge to reuse wastewater for the horticulture part of the farm or contain it in a septic system. We are not just building a business - we are nurturing our home, and we want to take good care of it. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our community.

At 4J's Farm & Brewery, we are more than just a brewery. We are a family, a community, and a part of the beautiful landscape that surrounds us. We are proud of our journey and grateful for the opportunity to share our passion for brewing with others. Our brewery is an extension of our home, a place to enjoy good beer, eat good food, and relax responsibly.

We invite you to join us, to experience the tranquility of our farm, the warmth of our family, and the taste of our carefully crafted beers. We promise, it's not just a visit, it's an experience - a taste of the good life at 4J's Farm & Brewery. So come, join us on this journey from soil to suds, where every sip tells a story of our land, our passion, and our commitment to brewing excellence.

A child hugs her mother, one of the owners of 4J's Farm & Brewery, in the cozy setting of the brewery. The background features a bar with a chalkboard menu and hanging lights, creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Our Mission

At 4J's Farm Brewery, our mission is to intertwine the worlds of brewing, farming, and family. We aim to educate our visitors about the journey of our homegrown ingredients from soil to suds, promoting a sustainable lifestyle along the way.

Our welcoming tasting room and dedicated staff foster a sense of community, with the goal of turning every customer into part of the 4J's community.

Join us as we celebrate the harmony of farming and brewing, and champion sustainability, education, and the joy of shared experiences. Visit Us

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Meet Our Brewer

Meet Kirk Hurd, the mastermind behind our brews at Four J's Farm & Brewery. With a wealth of experience from renowned breweries, Kirk now brings his brewing expertise to our family. He's been a part of our team from the beginning, during which he has crafted our launch beers and a range of seasonal beer.

Kirk's dedication to his craft is evident in every beer he brews. His knowledge of all brewery operations have been instrumental in our success. We're thrilled to have him as our head brewer and a key part of our family.

Kirk's passion for brewing and his commitment to our community are second to none. His excitement for brewing and customer service shines through, making him a favorite among our visitors.

Celebrate Kirk's journey and passion for brewing with us at Four J's Farm & Brewery. We can't wait for you to experience his exceptional brews!

Our Beers

Our Farm & Brewery

A child sits in a swing chair hanging from a tree in front of the brewery single-story building with a gray roof and pale yellow walls. The large, well-maintained lawn features scattered trees. The sky is overcast, and the photo has a warm tone.
A child swings on a tire swing in the lawn of 4j's Farm & Brewery, with a colorful bouncy castle visible in the background. The child wears a green shirt, and the swing is attached to a tree. The setting includes trees and a building, and there’s a blurred effect on the child’s face and another child in the background.
Our Farm

4J's Farm & Brewery is a 48-acre property in Fauquier County, Virginia, where our farm and brewery coexist:

  • We live on the property! Our brewery is near our renovated 1890 country home.

  • We're only 10 minutes from downtown Warrenton.

  • Our farm cultivates crops like golden barley and other fresh produce, integral to our beers.

  • Our brewing facility, a 40 by 60-foot building, blends seamlessly into the landscape.

  • Sustainability measures include water conservation, wastewater reuse for horticulture, and natural sound barriers.

  • The farm serves as a hub for community activities, including farming workshops and beer tasting sessions.

At 4J's, we're not just brewing beer - we're cultivating a sustainable, community-oriented way of life. Explore our farm and experience the journey from soil to suds firsthand.

A busy brewery taproom with people sitting at tables and standing at the bar. The taproom has a high ceiling and a large chalkboard menu on the wall. Natural light streams in through large windows.

Our Brewing Process

Our brewing process is a blend of tradition and innovation. Each brew starts with a thoughtful recipe, designed to showcase the flavors of our farm-grown ingredients. The result? Beers that are as unique as they are delicious

Milling & Mashing

We start by crushing barley grains into tiny pieces and mixing them with hot water. This makes a sweet liquid.

Boiling & Adding Yeast

We boil this liquid, add hops for flavor, and then cool it down. After it's cool, we add yeast, which turns the sweet liquid into beer!


After adding yeast, the beer undergoes fermentation. Yeast consumes sugars, producing alcohol and shaping the beer's flavor.


Post-cleaning, the beer is transferred to kegs for storage, ensuring freshness and easy serving in establishments.

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Join the fun at Four J's Farm & Brewery! Discover educational farm activities and exciting brewery events on our events page. We can't wait to share the joy of our community with you.

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