Big, Bold, Bodacious Boysenberry Stout

Boysenberry Oatmeal Stout






Think of a delicious cup of coffee with a tasty jelly filled donut and that about sums up our Boysenberry Stout...without the jelly filling on your t-shirt! We blended a balanced full bodied Oatmeal Stout recipe with 84 pounds of Oregon Boysenberry puree to create this fun, slightly tart, completely delicious winter beer. Sit back by the fire and enjoy a Big, Bold, Bodacious Boysenberry Stout!

Food Pairing:

Rich desserts (like chocolate cake or berry pies) Smoked meats Sharp, tangy cheeses (like blue cheese) Savory breakfast dishes (like bacon and eggs)

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Big, Bold, Bodacious Boysenberry Stout


Deep, dark brown with a hint of ruby, resembling a traditional stout with a berry twist.


A rich, coffee-like base with a playful tartness from boysenberries. The oatmeal adds a smooth, creamy texture, making it a full-bodied yet approachable stout.

Alcohol Content:

Moderate at 6.7% ABV. It's robust but not too heavy, making it a perfect choice for those who enjoy a flavorful beer without too much punch.


Sitting at 48 IBU, it offers a noticeable bitterness, balanced by the sweetness of the boysenberry puree. It's a delightful contrast that's not too overwhelming for stout newcomers.


Hops, Malt, Boysenberry, Yeast, Pure Water