Red Velvet Milk Stout

Milk Stout






Smooth, creamy, and delicious....that's the best way to describe our Red Velvet Milk Stout! We took the very best dark roasted malts and combined them with just the perfect amount of hops to create a balanced stout, then we added milk sugar for a creamy mouthfeel. To finish things off we added 5 gallons of liquid cacao for a rich chocolatey wonderfulness. We think this is a Valentines treat that gives happiness long after the flowers have wilted. So grab a pint and feel the love!

Food Pairing:

This milk stout pairs splendidly with desserts like chocolate lava cake or a classic cheesecake, as well as savory dishes like barbecued ribs or smoked brisket to contrast its sweetness.

Beer Novice? Meet

Red Velvet Milk Stout


Deep Chocolate Brown


A smooth and creamy stout that offers a rich chocolate flavor, complemented by the subtle sweetness of milk sugar and the complex notes of dark roasted malts.

Alcohol Content:

At 5.7% ABV, this stout is just right for those looking to savor a rich, full-flavored beer without too much heaviness.


With 27 International Bitterness Units (IBU), it has a mild bitterness that beautifully offsets the sweetness of the chocolate and milk sugar, making for a well-rounded taste.


Dark Roasted Malts, Hops, Milk Sugar, Liquid Cacao.