Stella’s Scottish Style Ale

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Lightly malty and restrained, this ale is a great starting point for those exploring craft beer and a go to style for those who aren’t “hop heads!” Easy on the palate, our Scottish style ale is clean and tasty with a low ABV making it a perfect beer for those long conversations on our patio. Cheers!

Food Pairing:

With its malty backbone and restrained bitterness, pairs wonderfully with hearty dishes like roast meats, stews, and savory pies, as well as complementing milder cheeses and crusty breads.

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Stella’s Scottish Style Ale


The Stella's Scottish Style Ale boasts a rich amber hue, characteristic of traditional Scottish ales.


This beer is light offers a lightly malty profile, clean and smooth on the palate, with subtle caramel undertones and a restrained hop bitterness, making it a delightful and easy-drinking choice

Alcohol Content:

Stella’s Scottish Style Ale" has a modest 4.6% ABV, making it lighter on alcohol, ideal for relaxed sipping and extended chats. It's especially suited for those new to craft beer or those preferring milder flavors.


The bitterness of Stella's Scottish Style Ale is restrained, providing a gentle counterbalance to its malty sweetness without overwhelming the palate.