Time, Love, and Tenderness German Pilsner

German Pilsner






When you take the best German pils malt, the best German hops and mix it with top notch lager know how….you get….well the very best of German lagers! Time, Love, and Tenderness German Pils is the first of many lagers here at 4Js. Spending just over two months lagering, this beer is crisp, delicate, nuanced, and flavorful. We think, for those possessing a discerning palate, you will taste the time, love, and tenderness that IS this delightful German Pilsner. Sit back, close your eyes and let this beer dance on your tongue. You won’t be disappointed!!

Food Pairing:

This German Pilsner pairs beautifully with seafood, light pasta dishes, and soft cheeses, complementing their flavors without overpowering them.

Beer Novice? Meet

Time, Love, and Tenderness German Pilsner


Light Gold


Crisp and delicate with nuanced flavors that dance on your tongue, offering a refined experience for discerning beer lovers.

Alcohol Content:

This beer has a 5.8% alcohol by volume (ABV), which places it on par with many classic beers, offering a balanced and approachable alcohol level for all to enjoy.


With 30 International Bitterness Units (IBU), this German Pilsner provides a gentle bitterness that enhances its crisp and delicate profile, suitable even for those new to hoppy beers.


German Pils Malt, German Hops